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With us, you are able to order your eviction in just minutes.  Florida Eviction 123. Com will help you evict your tenant quickly and effectively from the comfort of your home, without incurring the cost of an attorney  or dealing with lengthy completion and delivery periods.

To start you eviction simply complete the Eviction Order Form. 


FAST SERVICE– All forms will be processed within 24 hrs of receipt. All orders are shipped
via E MAIL, EXPRESS MAIL AND/OR PRIORITY MAIL.  You will receive your documents faster because we utilize the best software and have extensive experience.  
Your documents are prepared to each individual Florida County’s specific requirements.  We will keep you updated in every step of your case.


Our Fees for uncontested residential evictions

For Possession only : $195 (plus Court and Sheriff fees*)

For Possession plus money owed: $295 (plus Court and Sheriff fees*)



Court Filing fees: $185

Summons fee $10 (per tenant)

Sheriff fee to deliver Summons $40 (per tenant)

 Writ of Possession Fee ($90)


This site provides a 100% Guarantee that the forms prepared will be accepted by the court.